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What they're saying about us:

Brenda Crichlow provides a nurturing and supportive environment for the beginning actor, pushing them to discover their hidden talents and giving them the tools and confidence to enter the professional world. – Candice Elzinga, Casting Director

Brenda M. Crichlow's educational and professional qualifications are exceptional, and her fellow teachers at the Crichlow Actors' Studio are always of an extremely high caliber. We recommend her school for all levels of study. – Richard Lucas, Lucas Talent Inc.

Brenda and her team of instructors are amazing. They have helped many of our actors get to the "next level" in a very competitive industry. – Glen and Dyan Woodhouse, Excel Talent

I am confident that students attending Crichlow Actors’ Studio will benefit from Brenda's extensive experience, and will receive first class training. – AJ Unger, Pacific Artists' Management Inc.

We know Brenda Crichlow and the staff of instructor's at Crichlow Actors’ Studio have what it takes to give an actor that "step-up"; to land the role! – Trudy L Aronson and Shannon Richardson, Premiere Talent

It's always magical when someone shares their creative passion and drive with others. Brenda's success is from doing just that, and it works - I see it in the room constantly. – Sean Cossey, Casting Director

Brenda is top on my list of recommendations. She is a very inspirational acting coach, and I feel confidant to put my new and seasoned actors in touch with her. Brenda is realistic about the business and challenges students, but also elevates their hope that they too can make it. I respect her immensely, personally and professionally. – Pamela Wise, Muse Artist Management Inc.

Brenda Crichlow was hired by GEP Productions “Just Deal” to coach one of our series leads. We found Brenda to be extremely intuitive in assessing where to focus our actor’s attention, and we were happy with the results; so happy in fact, we were able to cast Brenda in one of our episodes. I found it very pleasurable dealing with Brenda when scheduling the coaching sessions, she was always flexible in accommodating us, as I had numerous changes. – Janice Golden, Assistant to the Producer, Larry Sugar, Episode: “The Tutor” Directed by William Gereghty

Brenda and her team are all highly motivated, professional and experienced. They provide actors the solid foundation they need to audition confidently and successfully. Her positive energy is infectious! – Tami Nasu, Casting Director, 4Ever Casting

The instructors at Crichlow Studios are the highest professional calibre and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any student hoping to hone their acting skills. – Dorothy Szymanska, Casting Director

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