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Crichlow Actors' Studio
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Studio Rental/Audition Taping

Crichlow Actor’s Studio (CASt) is available for rentals!

A 520 square foot and 250 square foot space are perfect for rehearsals, play/ script readings, and meetings.

Our studios are conveniently located minutes away from popular audition locales, with postal and courier services located on ground level. All spaces have lots of light, ventilation and are fully air-conditioned

Please contact us to book a time.

CASt also provides facilities to put actors' auditions on tape.


Studio alone: $15/hour (plus GST)

Room and camera w/ operator: $25/hour (plus GST)

Please note: This does not
include coaching,
available upon request.

Private coaching is available, as well as drop-in coaching sessions before auditions. 
$50/hr (plus GST).

CASt is also equipped to put your auditions on tape. We now offer the COACHING COMBO: an hour and half of coaching, a reader, and taping for only $75 (plus GST)!

Please note: we do not provide tapes. Please bring your own tape to the session.

Day rates, production, and group rates (maximum 15 people) available. Just contact us.


Big Studio (View 1)

Big Studio (View 2)

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